Monday, March 7, 2011

Automated Highways

Automated Highways
Automated highway or smart roads is designed to provide driverless cars on dedicated roads, which can be also elevated multi level floors.
The increasing in traffic congestion is likely to be restructured by caravanning platoons of cars along electronically controlled hwy at 80 mph. according to Prof. Halal, automated hwy offer less cost, and faster and safer way to travel. It saves on the cost of the building and construction new hwy it also increase capacity of how much traffic would normal hwy, automated hwy would cost less by $10,000 a mile compare to how much cost building new regular hwy, cars will be equipped with sensors and wireless communication to control their speeds, steering and braking on the electronically controlled lanes.
Confidence inspiration of this technology one of the challenges it may face but with a bit more reflection and time many people conclude they would rather depend on computer system controlled rather than depending on drivers.  Other barriers are the technical feasibility is limited to few controlled test hwy track demonstrations and who would be liable for accidents on the automated hwy.
Some of the statically numbers Prof. Halal mentioned are the cost of the regular hwy traffic costs $74 Billion per years and it is expected to be doubled in year 2020 with the increase of traffic on the roads, U.S hwy causes 40,000 fatalities and 5 million injuries each year’s costing about $150 billion.
Traffic engineering estimates automation would be double or even triple hwy capacity, improve safety considerably and would reduce the hwy construction cost, because of the steady controlled speed, automated hwy could even reduce the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

“The idea of automated driving dates back more than 50 years, when GM presented a vision of driverless vehicles moved under automated control at the 1939 World’s Fair in NY. In the late 1950s, research by industrial organizations conceptualized automated vehicles controlled by a mechanical systems and radio controls. After the appearance of the first computers in the 1960, researcher begins thinking of uses computers to provide lateral and longitudinal control traffic management. The fully automated hwy concept was initially examined by GM with U.S DOT. During the late 1970s during this time a focus was placed on automated vehicles operating on hwy because the computers were not powerful enough at that time to consider automated hwy.”(

A study by a California project team shows that implementing such system would improve the throughput of hwy to 4300 vehicles per lanes per hour from existing 2000 vehicles per lane per hours, this will lead in efficiency in fuel consumption, less travel time and of course safety of travel

Prof. Halal, W. E. (2008). Technology’s promise. P. 85-86 New York, NY:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Usefull web tools for researcher ( NewFeed Researcher)

The web 2.0 tools I want to introduce here for consideration of use in a socio- technology innovation is  the coolest thing about this portal web 2 is about it is subject matter and what it is handled and how it is important for research to get information about latest technology information and news , this tools News Feed Research is an innovative portal with a continuous automatic coverage of the current news in the form of topics overview,  this achieved by the way of processing collection of numerous of news stories on the same topic as it is published on this portal as daily digest of major events in business, technology, in the US , worldwide, and even more about sports and entertainment .
This portal even offer more than this it offer researcher Reporter, including advanced information products and solutions.
There is many key benefits of using this web tool of NewsFeed Researcher technology such as multi-document summarization, making the use of the technology allows individual users to quickly familiarizing themselves with the information contained in the very large of contained documentation .

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Super Phones Technology VS Smart Phone

There are smart phones and there are super phones , we are all seen what is the smart phone and what are their capabilities, how they interact with computers and we seen more of tablets devices, but  according the futurist this comings year is the super phone years, what is the super phone differ from smart phone are new phones with dual core unlike the smart phone, what are expected from these phone are to be more than what are expected from the PCs in terms of multitasking jobs, because they will have enough horsepower to stay running  we are all seen the iphones, and the new windows phone 7 devices how they are really amazing with their capabilities, but they aren’t multitasking  well or they are selectively in fact these are common complaints on these smart phones, with super phone  user will be able to run music, video in the background  or whatever you want to do, you was not able to do with the smart phones due to their speed slowness ,
So what are the super phones and how they different.  In today’s most smart phone devices they are running with a processor speed around 1GHz level they are capable of HD 720p encode and decode of video and render graphics comparable to some of Games consoles available today in the market wither it is Sony, Play Stations and so on, Super phones are running on dual core processor with range of 1.5GHz to 2.0GHz of speed and will be fully capable of 1080p encode and decode of HD video, that capable of achieving console level 3D graphics.
What is more interesting on this new futurist trends that more  companies are going to drop their PBX’s  and  landline phones in favor of letting their employees to use their cell phones, also another possibilities of wider using of video conferences using these super phones.
Economical factors may impact of the success of the super phone spread out on the hand of different level of user, as with this technology is costly in term of the device price and also in the term of services which may required 3 or 4G internet connections, in some other countries out there people can’t afford to have these phone neither the service. The other economical factor may impact of it is success, this technology will replaced the traditional land or PBX’s phone lines as number of companies trends to replace this technology to replace their land line phone and encourage their employees to use these super phone, this will had deep impact on the phone land line providers and reduce their companies income in favor of those super phone providers.
Technical factors also may influences on the success of this technology, as using of this technology would required high technical knowledge of how to using it, that may need for a lot of none technical user need to learn more about this technology, this will caused the super phone provider additional fund to spend in order to provide such technical support and technical learning on these device.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Innovational idea mobile phone for testing glucose and blood pressure level

My preferred idea I would like to see become possible Mobile device phone embedded software make the phone as a tool for human health device that can on a regular basis check on human diabetes, blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, then on any dangerous threshold setup can alert the mobile holder with possible dangerous situation, and transmit the reading to device owner physician.
My idea this is to replace the traditional way of checking the glucose level using finger pricking and using expensive patches to read the level of the glucose, and also to replace the blood pressure meters which you need to have with you to check on blood pressure, I am hoping for using the mobile phone which everyone have using a sensor technology with ability to do this tasks, which make it simple, using a software embedded in the phone to translate what the sensor output and at the same time these result would be easy transferred to the patient physician.

On my idea more than one forces can support this concept, current mobile advanced technology which changes rapidly so that can make this idea is possible so the first force is technological l, as I may say this device is not in real exist and mobile technology changes rapidly this would be related to technology, With the emergence of wireless networks and mobile computing devices, providing location-aware technology and services to new applications has become important for developers. Recent advances in sensor technology have allowed wireless sensor networks to provide location services. Another force can be enforce here is medical forces, due to the reason of inventing this technology to be used for human health care; this would support the medical forces.

Understanding the target is at the core of being able to make good decisions about the trajectory of a research. The research must pull out the most relevant parts of what has been observed.
Research informs decisions, some small and some large and the longer it can remain within the minds of the researcher then the better chance there is of the research impacting on those decisions.
A traditional debrief can fulfill these objectives but we believe in open or closed collaboration affect the results of the research environment a Dynamic Debrief is better equipped to gear the objectives in a more colorful, relevant and importantly, effective way.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Innovational idea and technoligical design

Don Norman at IIT Design Research Conference 2010 from IIT Institute of Design on

Loved this talk by Don Norman. He Hints a many and lot of techoligical and innovational idea on how the role of Design professionals/ Design agencies will be changing in the coming years.
whatch this vedio, it is pretty long but very usefull and interesting.

"Don Norman was recently named by Business Week as "one of the world's most influential designers." Although he is not a designer, his studies and books on design theory coupled with his extensive academic and industry experience help companies produce enjoyable and effective products and services. Norman brings a systems approach to design, arguing that great design must touch every aspect of a company. He is well known for his classic books “The Design of Everyday Things” and “Emotional Design” “The well-rounded product,” says Norman, “will enhance the heart as well as the mind, being a joy to behold as well as to use.” He is the co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, professor at Northwestern University and has been Vice President of Apple Computer and an executive at Hewlett Packard. His next book. Living with Complexity, will be published in September 2010. here he argues that the quest for simplicity is misguided because complexity is both good and necessary: our lives are complex, and our tools must match the tasks we do. What we need are things we can understand and master, for once mastered, even complex-looking things are simple. " (